Paris-Inspired Products

The Inspiration Behind #ASliceofParis 

Plans for Parisian-loving travelers to explore Paris have been put on pause because of the pandemic. So I thought, “What’s a fun way I can bring Paris to others?” This was the inspiration to create physical Paris-inspired products to bring you #ASliceofParis wherever you are in the world!

My friend Marissa Wu inspired me with her stunning Paris photos, which we thought would be great as Paris postcards. Not only can you send a timeless card to your friends and family, but you can also hang these in your home as artwork too!

Then, I met a talented illustrator, Aleyna Moeller, who I’m working with on illustrations for my Paris e-book (coming Spring 2021). She created a map of the city that we printed on a tote bag and that can also be printed and used as wall art (because I heard those of you begging me for prints!).

So, voilà!

Do you have travel envie? Bring Paris to your life!

Check out the products below.