About Céline Concierge

Bienvenue from the Céline behind Celine Concierge… moi!

Like you, I was drawn to Paris for its beauty and charm while visiting during an unforgettable Euro trip in college. After studying cinematography at the University of Texas in Austin, I was handed my diploma in 2013 and promptly—with only a few minor setbacks— flew across the ocean with a carry-on suitcase, knowing un petit peu de français, $2,000 in graduation money and lots of determination. I’ve never looked back!

I soon found that the magic of Paris was too bright and bold to share merely through the lens of my camera. Its magic and complexity needed to be experienced in-person by those who, like me, have a streak of curiosity and a big dream. Now, I’m an expat-turned-local, and I’m here to empower you to explore and thrive in the City of Light!

From nannying to bartending, to braving the freelance life of Paris’ film industry— my life in Paris has been one wild roller coaster ride! I’ve done it all and now with my background in property management, I have the savoir-faire to help you realize your dreams in Paris!

I’m so excited to partner with YOU so you can discover and fall in love with the “Par-iii” I adore so much! Maybe you won’t look back either 😉

Let’s work together!

Contact us below to begin your Parisian adventure and let my team and me know how we can help make your Paris dreams come true!