About Céline Concierge

The Céline behind Céline Concierge is me, American Selene, who moved to Paris in 2013 after studying film production at the University of Texas at Austin. I was drawn to Paris, like many, for its beauty and charm. I longed to make films here as a cinematographer, and I decided to move to the 75 zip code upon graduation.

I soon found that not only did I want to share Paris through the lens of my camera, but also to share it with others by exploring this magical and complex city from the perspective of an American expat turned local! I’ve pretty much lived my fair share of nine lives over the last five years as I’ve learned to traverse the streets of the City of Light. From nannying to bartending, to going freelance in Paris’ film industry— I’ve done it all! And now I’m so excited to launch Céline Concierge, where I partner with YOU to share, discover, and fall in love with the “Par-iii” I adore so much.

I hope you’ll come along for the journey…