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Denise-Marie Nieman

"I'm so happy to have found a trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional & personable team to help me with any issues my apartment may have. I primarily live abroad so when things happen like leaks and mechanical breakdowns, and even syndic matters where an expert is needed... it's comforting to know that I can call on Céline to handle the big and the small for me. The peace of mind I now have is priceless. I highly recommend using their services."

Marta H.

"From coordinating a complicated move to managing my Parisian apartment - she is just a gem. Installing an alarm, fixing internet, catching a leak, & having the place cleaned - those are just the few things that give me a peace of mind. I’m so thankful for her help and advice. She’s the best."

Aleyna Moeller.

"I am so thankful for Celine. My mom’s birthday was the 14th of July and she organized an exquisite evening boat ride, 5 course meal, and chauffeur with flowers and champagne. She took care of all the organization for us, we felt so taken care of. I recommend her services to everyone."

Daniel W.

"I am very happy and satisfied. I highly recommend Céline Concierge to anyone who needs help in France, especially in Paris and its surroundings. Céline is the best out there!"

Christina C.

I felt very relieved that she helped me organize things that I was not able to do myself in Paris. Working with Céline was fast, effective and without any complications.

Eric Davis

"I was able to get on with my life in the States and take care of some professional tasks on this side of the pond while Céline took care of everything on the other side."

Ola C.

“Pleasant, professional, transparent. I feel I have a reliable resource in Paris.”

Paul & Alise Marks

"Celine Concierge services are outstanding, with very responsive follow up, excellent input. Their online systems are interactive and user friendly. All reservations made on our behalf, and all the people they recommend from drivers to tour services make your vacation memorable for a lifetime."

Claudia B.

"I asked Céline to book us great lunch places during Paris fashion week. Even though it seemed like a lot of good restaurants were booked out, she managed to get us into hotspots. Happy to work with her again!"

Marie-Lou Z.

"Céline is a wonderful person, reliable, quick, professional and kind with good vibes all over 🙂 She understands the client needs in another country , is totally quality and service oriented. We’re very happy with the services of Céline Concierge."

Karoline O.

"I feel happy and satisfied with the level of service and Céline is also a pleasant person to work with. She saved me time and allowed me to have a better end result in purchasing and delivering a gift to a loved one."

John Arndt
Music Producer + Composer The Brilliance

"In what can be a lonely and confusing experience, knowing that I had someone who could help me figure out any detail that confused me made such a huge difference."

Hannah S.

"Céline is a true connoisseur of French culture! She navigates Paris with ease, excellence, and expertise!"

Holly Christine Hayes
Founder + CEO Sanctuary Project

“I feel complete peace that everything related to our Paris property is being managed with excellence. Details of our Pied-à-Terre in Paris never cross my mind, other than daydreaming about the next time we can return...”

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Christa Sanford.

"Working with Celine Concierge was great! I contacted them just a few weeks before my trip to Paris; they were so responsive to the request and to planning our reservations and activities. Everything was done through email/online and was so easy. This was particularly helpful for me as I travel a lot for work and don't have a lot of extra time to be on the phone or couldn't even think about planning our trip. I would definitely recommend the team!"

Colin G.

"So far, everything has been great. I appreciate the translation work you've done so far, and my realtor complimented Grace's professionalism."

Jennifer S.

"I am so thrilled to have found Céline! She arranged everything for us… she created the most amazing itinerary that was completely incredible and stress free. It was a trip of a LIFETIME and we credit that to her. If you are here looking to find out if you should use her services, please know that you need to look no further. Run don't walk to hire her!"

Joy C.

"Dear Céline, can't thank you enough for your help! Your service is excellent! I will keep your contact details for future requests and I'll also share with friends and colleagues."

Matthew B.

"Céline, you are seriously good at what you do! Your travel advice kept me so busy in Paris!"

Selim Tavukcuoglu
CEO Tavux

"An efficient Parisian! I used her services because of her American English skills."

Danielle Drake-Génin

“My husband and I inherited a family home and we needed Céline’s organizational expertise and cleaning skills to help us conquer this endeavor. A task that would have taken me weeks was accomplished in two days! Céline is super driven, efficient, friendly, and understanding. ”