Let Céline plan and organize your travel arrangements before you ever step off the plane.
We offer the savoir-faire to most efficiently get you from point A to point B so that you can do less planning and more exploring!

Pre-Arrival Groceries

Car Hire

Private Tours

Hotel Reservation

Train and Flight Reservations

Event Planning

Opera & Theater Tickets

Museum Exhibitions & Tours

River Cruises

Chauffeur Hire

Restaurant Reservations


Do you want a real Parisian experience, going where the locals go and avoiding the common tourist traps?
Céline can personalize an itinerary tailored to your dreams that fits your plans and adventure level to a T.

Personalized City Itinerary

Concerts Off the Beaten Path

Food Tours

Spa Reservations

Secret Tours

Day Trips

Speakeasy Bars Tour

Museum Passes

Private Chefs

Art Classes

Wine Tours

Private Tour of Versailles

Personal Masseuse

Food Classes

Opera Tickets


Céline extends assistance in the form of on-call local guide and translator in the city.  Are you planning a move to Paris?
We can help you with all the details from A to Z as you transition to the City of Light with the most ease.

On-Call Local Concierge

Bilingual Assistance & Translation Services

Long-Stay Accommodation

Wedding & Personal Photographer

Administrative Assistance

Luggage Shipping & Delivery

Translation Assistance

Phone & Internet Plan Set-Up


     Need an extra hand during your stay? Céline delivers assistance with anything from running miscellaneous errands to the day-to-day operations of your business trip.

Organizing Logistics

Hiring Local Babysitters & Nannies

Miscellaneous Errands

Organizing Family Needs

Property Management

Scheduling and Coordinating Meetings

House Cleaning

Health Care Visit Assistance

Hiring Local Drivers

To begin your adventure, ask for a quote today.