Concierge & Lifestyle Services

Trip Planner

We plan and organize your travel arrangements for you so you don’t have to stress about the details– just enjoy!

Experience Curator

We design personalized experiences tailored to your dreams and desires.

Personal Assistant

  We’re your go-to and personal resource for all things Parisian.

Property Manager

You’ll get on-demand, local assistance for everything concerning your Parisian home.

Relocation Expert

We help you move to and settle into your brand new home so that you can thrive in Paris!

"I am very happy and satisfied. I highly recommend Céline Concierge to anyone who needs help in France, especially in Paris and its surroundings. Céline is the best out there!"

Daniel W.

"I was able to get on with my life in the States and take care of some professional tasks on this side of the pond while Céline took care of everything on the other side."

Eric Davis, Architect

“Pleasant, professional, transparent. I feel I have a reliable resource in Paris.”

Ola C.

"I feel happy and satisfied with the level of service and Céline is also a pleasant person to work with. She saved me time and allowed me to have a better end result in purchasing and delivering a gift to a loved one."

Karoline O.

"In what can be a lonely and confusing experience, knowing that I had someone who could help me figure out any detail that confused me made such a huge difference."

-John Arndt, Music Producer + Composer The Brilliance

"Céline is a true connoisseur of French culture! She navigates Paris with ease, excellence, and expertise!"

-Hannah S.

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