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4 Best Coffee Shops in Paris

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Last Updated on April 28, 2021

Céline’s fav 4 specialty coffee shops on the rive droite (right bank) of Paris.

Here are my picks for the 4 best coffee shops in Paris on the right bank plus some Staff Picks* below. 
Landing my first apartment with roommates in Le Marais district (3rd Arr.) when I first settled in Paris, I naturally gravitated to the shops, bars, restaurants and cafes of the right bank. My new place at the time was on rue Chapon, upstairs from Le Taxi Jaune (Yellow Taxi) restaurant, fit with an icon turquoise blue door and had a curving staircase worthy of Audrey Hepburn. The 5th floor apartment –with its creaking but oh-so-charming wood floors, white walls and ceilings with lush crown moulding, and a vis-à-vis that revealed the neighbors’ kitchen– gave way to half the rooftops of Paris. Yes, this was the charmed life of tiny bathrooms and kitchens.
In that same tiny kitchen, my roommates had an Italian espresso maker we would have to brew two rounds of coffee just to get enough for an Americano- I was after all la Américaine of the household and not used to my pint-size cups of strong coffee. Though I loved that little Italian cafetière that poured out hot steaming black gold coffee, it didn’t stop me from venturing out to some of the local coffee shops every now and again to get my fix of a great cup ‘o Joe in the form of a piccolo, cortado, Latte or Mocha.
I thrive on good coffee and I am a girl on a mission to find the best coffee shops in Paris. Please comment below with your favorite coffee shops! 





Café Loustic

Arrondissement: 3rd
M: Arts et Métiers, Rambuteau – metro lines 3 & 11
– proud espresso bar, offering up a new espresso of the week
-also features a weekly “Coffee of the Moment”
– good for lunch
– homemade cakes, pastries, sandwiches
– quiet place, good for reading
– coffee to go
– cozy and laid back vibe
– wifi only on weekdays
This place was definitely my first taste of real coffee in the city that doesn’t really know who to make good coffee. It’s true that Paris is known for its cafés and bars, but it isn’t known for great coffee. The extent of what Parisians know of coffee is pitch black espresso that comes out of Cafe Richard or Lavazza machines- it’s so bitter most Parisians have to add a full tablespoon of sugar to get it down the esophagus and then chase it with a cup of water.
Café Loustic understood the concept and need for great coffee in Paris. Owner, Channa Galhenage, opened up this cozy coffee shop in March 2013 and he just opened up his second shop of the same name in Marseille, France in 2018. If you are in the Arts & Metiers area, definitely come check out this spot for that afternoon coffee craving.



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La Compagnie du Café

Arrondissement: 9th
M: St. George & Notre-Dame-de-Lorette – metro line 12
– roast their own coffee
– great for bunch/lunch
– homemade pies and pastries
– wifi
– friendly staff
– coffee to go
– good for social meetings
– welcoming ambience that is spacious with good lighting
Love this place! Only a few meters from the lovely Saint George metro stop, it became one of my local coffee joints when I moved to the 9th arrondissement back in 2015. So, yes I’m a bit biased, but the best places are always the local hang outs. 
Owner, Romain Fabry, roasts his own coffee grains in house. We became acquainted when I started frequenting the coffee shop weekly for my afternoon coffee fix and would end up staying for hours working away on my laptop. My favorite drink at La Compagnie du Cafe is the cortado they do for me- that, with a side of Banoffee tart made from scratch. You’ll never want to leave this place with the invigorating smell of freshly roasted coffee, good java, sky lighting, and the tranquil space!

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Café Bienvenue^

Arrondissement: 3rd
M: Etienne Marcel, Arts & Métiers – metro lines 3, 4 & 11 
– organic and fair trade coffees
– make their own juices & smoothies
– great for brunch/lunch
– wifi
– cozy, warm, and inviting spot with lots of plants
– quiet, and good for reading + they have quite the book collection
– friendly staff
– good for social gatherings
This place lives up to its name as you immediately feel right at home as you step in- it’s a cozy, peaceful and delightful coffee shop in Paris with an even bigger heart. Cafe Bienvenue, founded by the young power couple Mathieu et Amelia Hannion are passionate about working for the social and professional integration of refugees and for sustainable and ethical consumption of goods. They champion organic food and fair trade products. They are all about hosting social events centered around community and uniting folks in their coffee shop. You can even privatize the space for an event. Stop by for a cup of coffee or get recharged with their selection of juices and smoothies, but don’t leave this place without resting in a corner with a book or sitting in the hanging tipi that welcomes you to relax.



Honor Cafe

Arrondissement: 8th
M: Madeleine, Concorde, metro lines 1 & 12
– seasonal specialty farm to cup coffee
– good for lunch & coffee to go
– home made cakes and desserts
– top staff pick is their hand turned espresso butter atop a banana bread
– open-air coffee stand unique to Paris, perfect for warm weather
– friendly and talkative staff
No wifi here, but heck, who needs it when you are outside taking in some sun
This one-of-a-kind coffee shop is perfectly nestled on Paris’ second most famous shopping street- no, not the Champs Elysée, but Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Honor Cafe sits discreetly in the open air of the building courtyard between designer brand shops like Comme des Garçons, Moschino, and Burberry. They opened up in 2015 by the coffee-passionate couple Daniel Warburton and Angelle Boucher. This bite-sized coffee hangout reputed by its signature sky blue coffee cups is possibly one of the best coffee houses in Paris. Whether a flat white, piccolo, or tea as your boisson, don’t miss out on tasting one of their many desserts and cakes made from scratch at their sister location Neighbours in the 11th arrondissement.




*Other Staff Picks:
Coutume Cafe
Cafe Spoune
La Cafeotheque
Eggs & Co.
KB coffee
Le Loulou


^Café Bienvenue permanently closed in the summer of 2020. 


Photo Credit: Cafe Bienvenue
Photo Credit: Honor Cafe

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