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My Perfect Valentine’s Day in Paris

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Last Updated on April 28, 2021

How to spend a special day in Paris with your Valentine

couple-kissing-near-fountain-Valentine's-Day   Photo Credit : Guendalina Flamini

This is my idea of how to spend a perfect Valentine’s day in Paris. This foolproof itinerary has something exceptional for you! Whether you love to eat, explore the city, or discover something new and romantic, try this out for a memorable day in the city with your loved one. 
Paris exudes romance and it’s because it excites the senses that no one can escape the magic of the city of Love…Amusez-vous bien ! (Have fun!)
9 AM: Enjoy a sweet breakfast with my love at the famous Café de Flore 
6th Arr.* 


louvre-cupid-amour-Valentine's-DayPhoto Credit : Louvre Museum

11 AM: We head over to the Louvre to meet art historian and art advisor Anne Muraro for her Eros at the Louvre, an exclusive tour of the most erotic artworks in the Louvre
1st Arr.
1 PM: Eat a colorful and delicious lunch at Salatim for fresh and homemade Israeli cuisine
2nd Arr. 



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Afternoon: Leisure stroll through the covered passages starting in the 2nd arrondissement, from Passage des Panoramas stretching to Galerie Vivienne. We make our way to the exquisite Jardin du Palais Royal in the heart of the city.
 We spend the rest of our romantic afternoon wandering around the streets of Paris, or as the French say flâner (wander with no goal in mind). 
2nd Arr. & 1st Arr. 

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perfect-day-couple-walking-streets-of-ParisPhoto Credit : Guendalina Flamini

7 PM : We savor cocktails, appetizers, and a 360 degree view on the romantic rooftop bar of L’Oiseau Blanc (White Bird)
16th Arr. 



8:30 PM: We top off our perfect day in Paris with an evening of roses, champagne and a sexy Saint Valentine’s show at the Crazy Horse Paris
(This is Saint Valentine’s afterall!)
8th Arr. 


Voilà, from start to finish, you have some unique ideas on how to spend a lovely day in the City of Love on the day of love! I hope this post was inspiring. 
Let me know in the comments what you plan to do on your Valentine’s day. I would love to hear your plans!


*Arr. means arrondissement, or district. There are 20 arrondissements in Paris. 


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